5 Helpful Tips

For Your Wedding Day

If you are struggling with anything, please do not hesitate to contact me on sales@glendowerhotel.co.uk or 01253 723241 , and I will try my very best to help!

Best wishes,

Sophie Scott
Sales and events co-ordinator 

  1. Photo sharing
    Let your guests share their memories of your big day together. Some interactive applications allow guests to upload wedding photographs in to one dedicated area.  ‘Wedpics’ for example is a fantastic, easy to use free application which can be used to collate all your wedding photographs under one roof .
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask
    Your suppliers are here to help make your dream wedding a reality. So don’t be afraid to ask any questions! No question is too big, small or silly, we will always try our best to help as much as possible!
  3.  Social media pages
    Always follow your suppliers on social media, as their posts may give you ideas for your own wedding. The BEST WESTERN Glendower Hotel holds a number of social media profiles which are updated regularly with images and information about the hotel and local events. If we gain the permission of the bride and groom we will also capture some images of their wedding day and also add them to our social media pages.

    Facebook: Best-Western-Glendower-Hotel-
    Instagram: glendowerhotel
    Twitter: glendowerhotel
    We also take part in weekly wedding twitter hours.
    #weddinghour is on Wednesday between 9-10pm and #bridehour is Thursday between 8-9pm.

    Both Twitter hours hosts hundreds of wedding suppliers who are live on one area of twitter to talk all about weddings! This is a great opportunity to gain ideas for your big day or to simply ask any questions that you may have.

  4. The handover
    The week of your wedding, you will hand all your wedding bits and bobs over to your wedding co-ordinator. To help you keep track of what you have done, and what you have left to do, put each ​item in to individual boxes. For example, table one all goes in one box, and table two goes in a separate box. When doing this, also place your name cards in order. This will help you double check you have everyone, and this will also speed up the turn around period in between your ceremony and wedding breakfast.
  5. Take five minutes
    Finally, make sure you take little moments throughout the day to savour everything. Your wedding day goes by so quickly and before you know it all of the planning is over. So treasure every second!